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Javier Flores

Building Envelope Consultant

Mr. Flores is a Building Envelope Consultant and Project Manager. Javier has worked for Armko Industries since 2021 and has already proved to be a valuable addition to the Armko team, providing roofing and building envelope evaluations for clients in the North Texas region.

Javier has been involved in the roofing and envelope watertightness industry in Texas and Mexico. His experience spans facilities from K through 12 to Higher Education to Municipalities to Hospitals to Commercial Properties. His knowledge includes waterproofing systems and components, wall assemblies, window systems, as well as roofing. 

Javier is a member of the International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants (IIBEC). He has a Bachelor of Science from the Instituto Tecnólogico de Estudios Superiores, Monterrey, Mexico.